All items are seasonal so please check for availability on our Facebook page or our web-store for the most up to date information. Eating locally and seasonally helps lower our carbon footprint and be more connected with nature.

Organic Eggs

Self-serve organic eggs from pasture raised chickens are available on the front porch anytime. $6/dozen


Honey is typically available early summer and in the fall. $10/lb


Berries begin in June (haskaps) and continue through the fall. We have raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, red currants, josta berries, elderberries, and more!


Beginning in July we have peaches, pear, plum, cherry, apple, persimmon and more as the season progresses.


Pasture raised organic pork is available late summer or early fall once a year. The pigs are raised in the woods and pasture, feed certified organic and non-GMO feed. 2020 – Currently taking orders. Contact us for details.

Certified Organic Feed

We carry 50lb bags of no-soy certified organic non-GMO chicken feed. We have layer and broiler/grower feed. Bags are currently $26. We can also order other feed such as pig, sheep, goat and/or minerals.

Berry/Fruit Plants

We have the following available and is self serve: Payment options include PayPal and Venmo – or cash deposited in cash box located on side of farm stand.